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Cook the Perfect Wagyu at home!

By: :Amins Butcher 0 comments



Whether you are a meat connoisseur or just love a good steak-Most of you will have heard of Wagyu!And what makes it so special? Well. Wagyu is originally a Japanese breed of cow pronounced ‘wag-you’.. This literally means Japanese cow!


These unique cattle have a higher intra-muscular fat content creating that beautiful marble effect-As well as a lower melting point (even lower than the human body temperature) this makes it literally melt in your mouth!


Some of you will have eaten this popular beef out in a restaurant but what is the trick to cooking great Wagyu at home??


1. Start with a great cut of meat (We currently have Rib Fillet and Rump in-store in a 6-7+ marble score) and season it moderately (Sea Salt is best on both sides)


2. Heat a non-stick griddle pan-We prefer this pan, but any non-stick pan can be used.


3. Sear the wagyu on high for 2 minutes each side. This will create a beautiful brown outer and seal in all the buttery flavour.


4. Depending how you like your steak we recommend cooking on Medium-Low for a further 3-5 minutes-ensuring the heat has penetrated through all of the meats fat marble.


5. LET IT REST! You can wrap it in foil or rest in the open-This allows the meat to absorb all those delicious juices




We would love to see your Meat Creations so send in your pics or subscribe for more Recipes, Tips and tricks in the kitchen J


-The Team @ Amin’s Butcher and Grill.